Our road to Red Dirt Woodshop

Daniel & Cappra Lango founded Red Dirt Woodshop in March 2016. 5 years ago they began as a simple couple who evolved into something far more. In May of 2016 shortly after the company began, they made the leap newly to husband & wife. This company began as a way to decorate & carve out their own home, which piece by piece brought together a family. Our goal is that every piece of handmade decor brings people together. Sculpting out space for all families in work, laughter, love & home cooked meals. The things all people need and the dream behind every special piece.

Our Company Goal,

Since our first day in business we've been collectively gathering the best selection of products & merchandise to provide & connect to our customers. We strive to not only have our pieces connect people but tell a story back to its origin. Red Dirt Woodshop is committed to reusing recycled & reclaimed wood across the board when at all possible. With this recycled wood it creates a blend, texture & story you could not recreate with natural new lumber.Every piece of wood has a unique imperfection, whether it be nail holes, scratches or rotted cracks. Because of this, each RDW piece generates its only personality unique to every home.​At Red Dirt Woodshop, we believe strong in the saying that, "For every person's trash, is another person's treasure". With that we set our goal to create beautiful pieces or wood decor that connect all to whom ever it's shared.

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